LEGEND - luxury edition of Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge

Legend is the Helsinki-based high-end technology accessories maker notable for specializing in bespoke services for smartphones. Legend is the first to introduce a line of elegant and unique Samsung phones to match its collection of customized Apple products.

Legend exclusively allows the customers to be in charge of the process of customization and commission the product to their particular specifications. Additionally, the company may provide its clients with the services of bespoke designer to assist in materialization of the customers ideas or advise as for custom logo, diamond inlays, custom laser or hand engravings and alternative materials usage. Each phone is housed in a luxury presentation box with a premium leather folder for the certificate of authenticity and warranty.

Legend’s new luxury Samsung collection features the laser engraved limited edition series. The unique line consists of three elegant designs: “Alhambra”, “Art Deco” and “Wild Thing”, each limited to only ten pieces. Also a limited edition of 50 smartphones featuring “Crocodylus” design are created for those who have a preference for leather style. It is made with premium grade crocodile leather in the customers preferred color. The made-to-order standard Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models from Legend come with 18k gold, 24k gold, rose gold, 950 platinum or black rhodium plating.

The prices for exclusive Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge from Legend range from 2,150 euros ($2,320) for the standard precious metal plated Galaxy S6 or S6 edge with 128Gb of memory and the prices go up to 13,000 euros ($14,000) for the upcoming model featuring VS1 grade diamond studded bezel, which will be introduced together with the hand engraved S6 in May.

Legend takes pride in its in-house building processes. Every customization operation is made in Finland by specialized professionals in the area of expertise such as stone-setting, hand-engraving, plating and finishing to meet the highest standards of the luxury industry.


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