LG presented the largest wireless OLED TV in the world

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Displace TV made a big splash at CES 2023 with its wireless OLED version that sticks to any surface, but many attendees were more eager to know what LG had in store for them…

The South Korean tech giant did not disappoint and introduced a 97-inch wireless TV that eliminates HDMI cables. A 4K TV that receives all its video and audio wirelessly sounds great because, as LG claims, it frees your living room from all those cables that otherwise disturb the aesthetics.

The LG M3 is a huge 97-inch television, which receives audio and video via the LG Zero Connect box. With a range of 10 meters, users can place their home theatre equipment such as a cable TV set-top box on one side of the room, while the TV is placed on the other. The Zero Connect box offers real-time video and audio streaming up to 4K 120Hz.

Still, this isn't a fully wireless TV compared to the Displace version, as manufacturers still haven't found a solution to take the power cable out of the equation, but this LG model boasts a sleek design and offers excellent picture quality and fantastic sound.

While LG hasn't shared many technical details about the M3, PCMag reports that the television doesn't use the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands used by Wi-Fi and most consumer tech, instead relying on a proprietary standard, which LG claims offers three times faster than Wi-Fi 6.

In addition to sending audio and video signals, the Zero Connect voice-enabled box also has several ports, meaning video game consoles, soundbars or cable boxes can easily be connected to it. LG says the TV will be available in three sizes in the near future, including 83-inch and 77-inch models.

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