It was just a matter of time when will the first luxury Dual SIM phone make its appearance... And now, here's the new Gresso Azimuth...

Luxury phone producing brand Gresso, presents us with their new collection of exclusive Dual SIM phones. Characteristic for their unique design and high technology, Gresso Azimuth phones weigh 160 grams, while they are 14.5 mm thick. The cases of these modern phones were built from Titanium Grade 5. This unique case is a result of intensive work done by hi tech equipment, during nine hours. All the fine details are hand done. By combining manual work and high technology, this phone gets a divine metal texture, while the whole case itself becomes durable and light. Key advantages of titanium are its unique protective characteristics. The case of this luxury phone is very resistant to all sorts of shocks and strokes.

The back panel of this luxury phone is also made of titanium, while the front is made of unique kind of mineral glass. Rich black color is achieved with the use of special glass coloring technology. Gresso brand's logo is also made of titanium, combining with 18carat white or yellow gold which is settled on the front panel of this phone.

Each Gresso mobile phone is assembled, or to be more specific, it is created by a single high experienced expert. The whole process lasts five hours. Keyboard design is very unusual, but it's very easy to use. Keys are made of steel and are very light to press.

Only 999 pieces of this prestigious mobile phone will be produced, and it will cost 2.000 dollars. Available for purchase from April 7th. 

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