What technological gadgets buy rich people? What is a true technological elitism?

We have already heard of the iPhone with gold and diamonds, luxury villas with gold-plated taps, Humvees and Maybach, but near wealth should go luxury style. It is, of course, very expensive style and the things that prove the superiority not only financial, but knowledge of the finer things in life.

PC Workstation from MWE Lab, is one of these things. This is not an ordinary workstation for the PC, this is a working unit where guys are sitting in the science fiction movies. Prestige guarantees the fact that MWE Emperor 200 may only order, he’s not in the mass market, and each model works particularly to the needs of the client.

It consists of aerodynamic chair, ending with scorpio inspired tail, of which end are three touch-screen monitors. There is also its own air-conditioning system, special therapeutic lighting, and leather upholstery on the seat. These are the main parts, and the other can be ordered by the customer, so that the MWE Emperor 200 literally is tailor-made.

It costs $44,750. You can buy Emperor 1510 for $6,200 but you won’t get neither the air filtering system integrated nor the light therapy system.



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