MacBook Pro - marble beauty

Colorware company had a pretty good year ...

They have launched a set of gold pil speakers, in cooperation with the Beats by Dr. Dre in March, while in April debuted with the Xbox One Pearl, which is decorated with pearly finishing touches, with accents of 24-carat gold. In May, we were thrilled by limited edition iPhone 6 Black Widow, and in November the iPhone 6S 6S and IPhone Plus got a retro look. Apparently, they have their hands full. This time, they present to us their vision of another favorite Apple MacBook Pro. This laptop got an improved appearance with marble finishing details and logo, which was created by 24-carat gold.

Their version of the MacBook Pro Marble is hand made and has 15 inches. At first glance, you will probably think that this laptop carved from marble, but the secret of his appearance is a special artistic technique. Pale gray area has a dark blue and black pattern of marble, and is perfectly accompanied by the logo of 24-carat gold.

Justin Cisevski, Colorware CEO of the company, said: "Marble masks have been around for a long time. A number of manufacturers made these masks or housing, but with the same feeling, which had earlier. We are the limits to the artistic applications and we move a little further and create an elite version of the MacBook Pro Retina model, which looks like it was carved from marble, which was used for ancient Roman sculptures. This product goes far beyond a mere mask or housing. "

Customers who bought this laptop, get assured quality thanks to careful process of disassembly, cleaning, masking, painting and inspection. After polishing and re-assembly, the product goes through a final inspection and re-packed in its original packaging. Production of this model of laptop is limited to only ten pieces, so you can be sure it will sell for a few days, although their price is $ 7,500. Each notebook is individually numbered and delivered in 3-4 weeks.


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