Mobiado is a Canadian company that creates special luxury mobile phones ...

Earlier this year, we have already introduced several devices that are dedicated to famous artists such as Klimt or Mondrian, and now the brand is pretty simplify things, if one may say so. This time, they represent the gold phone that carries the name of the Professional 3 GCB.

In fact, the new edition Mobiado brand is not the average (again, if one may say so) golden mobile phone. It is made using a special decoration technique called guilloche dating from the 16th century, and is usually used for the decoration of luxury watches and refined jewelry. This phone by Mobiado brand is fully decorated with the engraving representing an intriguing pattern, which makes this phone look great.

This mobile phone’s frame is made of solid brass and is coated with 24-carat gold, with sapphire crystals give the final touch of elegance to this creation. When we talk about technical specifications, Professional 3 GCB model has a QVGA display of 2.4 inches, expandable memory, camera, video camera, web browser, support for various email accounts, Bluetooth 3.0 and a music player.

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