Movano Evie - a ring that vigilantly monitors your health

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In the era of modern technology, people want to monitor their health and the condition of their bodies, at any time of the day or night...

Movano Health separates itself from other wearable tech companies like Fitbit and Garmin by offering medical-grade wearables. Expanding its offering, the California-based company is introducing a new smart ring, specially designed for women, at CES 2023. Stylish, smart and comfortable, the Evie smart ring tracks women's health indicators whether they sleep or exercise.

The smart ring collects medical-grade data and provides personalized insights that can be applied to monitor and manage overall health through a mobile app without any subscription. The ring itself is made of polished aluminium and will likely cost upwards of $300 upon availability sometime later this year.

Unlike most consumer wearables, the Movano Evie smart ring lets you track your health and well-being, as well as your activity. You can check your activity profile, including steps, active minutes, calories burned, sleep stages and duration within the companion app.

On top of that, you get personalized insights into your resting heart rate, heart rate variability, SpO2, respiratory rate, skin temperature variability, and menstrual cycle, far beyond what currently available wearables typically offer.

As mentioned, all biometric data is accessed through the accompanying mobile application. You get practical insights to help make manageable lifestyle changes that reduce your chances of disease. As explained in the press release, "the smart ring reads live heart rate and SpO2 levels and uses that data to help identify sleep quality patterns and menstrual cycle trends, allowing a woman to better understand her own body and its needs."

Movano Health is currently seeking FDA approval for the Evie smart ring, which will be available in three different colours and sizes. Once approved, the ring will reportedly be the first consumer wearable medical device of its kind.

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