New Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra presented in the style of BMW M3

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Attention all BMW M3 fans!

The Bavarian automaker has teamed up with Samsung and South Korea's SK Telecom to unveil a special edition of the new M3-themed flagship Galaxy S23 Ultra smartphone, accompanied by a slew of collectibles. The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition features design elements borrowed from different generations of the iconic sports sedan. Starting with its box, the special die-cast unit pays homage to the first-generation M3 model, the M3 E30, which debuted in 1986. The box is designed to look like the original M3 and hides the smartphone and other items under the hood and trunk.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition hard case features a special design that integrates the hood of the current generation G80 and the polarizing grill on the back. Additionally, the limited-edition smartphone gets a special launch animation with the familiar three colours associated with the M division. In addition to the smartphone, the box also contains six different iterations of the BMW roundel that mark the evolution of the iconic emblem. What's more, it also comes with a key ring featuring the vintage BMW Motorsport logo introduced last year to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the M division.

Other amenities included in the box are a small air compressor, an analogue clock, and a sunglasses holder. That's not all, as the pack also comes with a 'We Are M' poster, photo album and metallic 'We Are M' logo, while customers will benefit from a BMW Driving Centre 'Starter Pack Voucher' which can be used to get safe driving tips and learn skills dynamic rides from a professional instructor. The Galaxy S23 Ultra BMW M Edition is limited to just 1,000 units and is only sold in South Korea at a price of 1,727,000 won (about $1,370).

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