At first glance you might think it’s some part of space shuttle, but it’s actually amplifier.

Pivetta “Opera Only” is so huge due to fact it must be able to provide 160.000 watts, as well as to be unique and so different from any other amplifier. This “walk-in” amplifier, based on intuition, imagination, genius solution, is a creation of Andrea Pivetta, an Italian electronics designer who has worked with a diverse range of Italian companies in different areas for over 20 years.

The 2.5m-tall, 1500kg amplifier, r is divided into six distinct sections, which reveal all the electronics. The outer frame is made of aircraft aluminum, openings and connections are not visible from the outside. When the amplifier is switched off, it looks like an impressive device, then, once turned on, we are witnessing changes in its structure. 

Pivetta “Opera Only” debuted at last High End Munich 2013, where had a great success. It was the most admired, photographed and desired object in all the Exhibition: 30.000 click in 3 days on YouTube. At the moment it’s not for sale, but it costed of some £1.275 million ($2 million) to built.


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