The future is definitely here - just like Cyberdog 2

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The pioneer in developing quadruped robots inspired by dogs since 2005, Boston Dynamics, ignited a trend of robotic pets that has not waned ever since.

While these robotic companions haven't become household pets, it hasn't stopped manufacturers from investing billions in the development of increasingly intelligent and capable robot-dogs.

The latest creation from Xiaomi, CyberDog 2, isn't just a step forward; it's a monumental leap into the future. While tracing its lineage back to its predecessors and the Boston Dynamics robot Spot, CyberDog 2 boldly carves out its distinct identity. The design of CyberDog 2 is a significant departure from Xiaomi's initial offering, now reflecting the sleek and confident presence of a Doberman alongside its robotic rigidity. With unmistakable "ears" that add a touch of playfulness, this robo-dog appears more lifelike and less... mechanical.

Surprisingly compact, CyberDog 2 stands at 36.7 cm and weighs merely 8.9 kg. But don't be deceived by its size; this quadruped is remarkably agile. Utilizing Xiaomi's cutting-edge micro-actuators, it exhibits an array of intricate movements – from balancing on a single leg to executing dynamic turns with a grace unexpected of a robot.

Beneath its physical prowess lies a true marvel: its intelligence. CyberDog 2 is powered by the NX processor nestled beneath its metallic "fur," supported by two co-processors, 8 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of storage. A set of 19 sensors grants it comprehensive environmental awareness, allowing it to see, touch, and hear. Yet, what truly sets it apart is Xiaomi's AI voice algorithm, providing an additional layer of interaction, promising a closer connection between humans and machines.

With a battery life boasting 90 minutes of uninterrupted activity and rapid USB-C charging, it's evident that Xiaomi has designed CyberDog 2 for prolonged engagements. Its built-in AI not only facilitates decision-making but also simulates behavior patterns reminiscent of our beloved four-legged friends.

For those who prefer to take the reins, CyberDog 2 offers secure control via Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, manageable through a dedicated remote controller or smartphone.

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