V HEADPHONES - Vertu and Bang & Olufsen

British manufacturer of luxury mobile phones, Vertu, is known for creating the device with impeccable quality and great appearance...

The company that they are related in terms of the quality is Bang & Olufsen, which originates from Denmark, and is dedicated to the development and design of high quality and luxury audio equipment. These two prestigious brands cooperated with the aim of creating a series of audio devices with very high performance, which includes both V headphones and V speaker.

This collection is based on the idea that good headphones and speakers not only have to play good sound, but they must also look good. Therefore, V headphones have a very elegant design and optimal size for the highest level of comfort that is possible, which gives their customers the opportunity to enjoy a truly unparalleled experience. These pieces are made of lightweight aluminum and feature an innovative design that reduces background noise for the sake of better enjoying the sound quality. Right along these headphones, ear pads that are made from very delicate and soft foam housed in hand-stitched leather case are also in package.

On the other hand, V speaker is used for playing music from Bluetooth devices and offers a clean, rich sound, and impressive audio experience. It has the shape of the diamond and brushed finishing details, making it the perfect addition to any collection of luxury collectors.

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