Vertical turntable - perfect gadget for lovers of analog sound

Although we live in modern times, in which all our favorite songs are available in just a few clicks, the appeal of "old" technology is still indisputable...

That's where Eun Seok Go comes in, who designed the Vertical Turntable, taking into account modern music lovers who want to enjoy the pure sound of a turntable, along with an aesthetic that fits with their lifestyle. This turntable does not lose its analog sensibility and emphasizes design elements that would definitely satisfy even the most discerning audiophiles. This means that turntable users will be able to enjoy even the most subtle parts of the sound. The inspiration for the vertical design of the record player comes from the typical appearance of a record when it is removed from its sleeve. The designer wanted to create a form that combines the gramophone and record into one.

One downside that analog players have compared to digital is wear and tear due to physical contact. This turntable has an optical cartridge that minimizes the damage caused by the needle of conventional cartridges. The "drive" method of this turntable is the same as the one we can see on DVD players - the lens detects the disc and then connects it to the built-in needle.

Transparent screen on the front of the record player shows us the duration of the tape, the status of play and pause, the name of the artist and the album art, while below the screen there is a speaker, a potentiometer for increasing and decreasing the volume, with buttons for play and pause.

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