Wireless speakers which will improve your everyday life

US brand, Harman Kardon, best known for its high-quality audio equipment and devices, has announced the launch of its latest sound system…

Named the Radiance 2400, it is a wireless home audio system consisting of two ultra-thin floor-standing speakers, a subwoofer and a digital hub, which together produce a rich and detailed sound landscape. The Radiance 2400 features Harman Kardon’s patented Constant Beamwidth technology that combines 24 precisely calibrated 1.25-inch transducers to emit the same sound coverage from one corner to another in every room. The Radiance sound system is accompanied by a stylish design of wireless floor speakers.

The thin pillars are 1.8 meters high, while they are only 51 mm wide and 58 mm deep. Floor speakers are equipped with Harman Kardon Digital Loop Amplifier technology that corrects natural errors and distortion anomalies that occur with digital amplification.

What’s more, the 200W ten-inch subwoofer promises exceptional bass performance. The digital hub can connect to TVs and other audio-video devices, while Wi-Fi provides easy access to music streaming services.

Users can easily control this system through the multifunctional LCD touch panel or the included Bluetooth wireless remote control. Harman Kardon describes the Radiance 2400 as the perfect blend of sleek, minimalist design and premium materials, with acoustic superiority.

As we find out, this set will be able to be ordered at a price of € 4,000 at selected dealers, and it has already been declared the winner of the CES 2021 Innovation Award.

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