Kokomo Ailand: A Private Floating Island for Future Centibillionaires

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Why should future centibillionaires buy megayachts when they can have their very own floating and maneuverable private island?

Kokomo Ailand offers a solution to this extraordinary idea, presenting a vessel you can steer but not drive. The technology already exists for this incredible floating mansion that has its own waterfall, helipad, and even a shark-feeding elevator, and it is the creation of the same esteemed engineers and designers who introduced the pioneering Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht to the world.

At first glance, this project appears unusual, resembling an open/closed vessel moving at a speed of eight knots. With a length of 116 meters, Kokomo Ailand offers a customizable layout, including ten suites and a penthouse.

The penthouse, of course, would be dedicated to the owners of this incredible floating island, finding its place on a deck inspired by the jungle, surrounded by palm trees and vertical gardens. The entertainment deck features a pool and barbecue area, while the garden deck includes alfresco dining and waterfalls, with the spa deck designed as a true sanctuary for relaxation. Considering all this, the price tag of $325 million for this unusual project is definitely justified.

It's worth noting that the concept was unveiled in 2015, almost a decade ago, and its value today would be significantly higher. Consider, for example, the Migaloo M5 submarine, a concept worth nearly $2 billion, which has yet to find interested investors, which is truly incredible. Kokomo Ailand is an outstanding project brimming with amenities like a helipad, outdoor cinema, and an astonishing "shark-feeding elevator."

The island also provides space to dock your yacht or submarine. According to Forbes, the creators of Migaloo PSY have responded to the increasing desire for customization and personalization of super- and megayachts, with a focus on privacy for both the owner and their guests, by developing the concept of constructing large private submarines and floating islands.

Migaloo's head, Christian Gumpold, stated, "Living on and with the sea will be a future megatrend. The island can be a first step toward adapting to this new way of life." Christian also revealed that these islands are among "the most expensive private objects worldwide." Migaloo Kokomo Ailand can be ordered through Migaloo Submarines.

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