LG Smart AI Agent: cute two-legged home robot

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LG has been a long-standing presence in the market and knows exactly when and where to make its mark...

This time, they've achieved it by launching their new smart home AI assistant. Wondering what sets it apart from other similar AI assistants flooding the market? Well, it represents a fusion of new features that make it worth keeping an eye on.

Contributing to the new technologies for smart homes, this two-legged wheel-mounted robot, automated through artificial intelligence, represents a blend of modern technology and AI capabilities. Fondly named the 'AI Agent,' this smart device promises to transform our relationships within the confines of our homes and living spaces. This smart robot stands out from similar devices as it can move and maneuver automatically, rather than being static.

One exceptional feature that's new in this world is its ability for multimodality and natural language processing. It can easily connect and control various smart home and IoT devices at home. Managing the home ecosystem is clearly achieved through its optical and depth-sensing cameras. This endearing robot is working towards realizing LG's vision of a "Home without Labor" with a fully automated system that takes care of setting reminders for daily household tasks.

Thanks to its technical specifications, the camera inside the device is combined with the Qualcomm RB5 robotics platform and can recognize human faces, pets, and various household objects. Direct connectivity is established with other smart home devices to maintain desired and appropriate controls. It is also equipped to act as a pet monitor or security guard whenever needed.

LG's smart home AI assistant has already attracted attention with the announcement of its debut at the prestigious CES 2024 annual trade show.

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