Lost luggage worth 1.63 million dollars

On the other hand, it is very rare for you to receive compensation of 1.63 million dollars because of that. However, in the latest event of its kind, a Nigerian court ordered Emirates to pay this incredible sum to a businessman whose luggage disappeared while traveling on their line.

The businessman apparently lost the disputed bags in transit twelve years ago, during a flight to China. They belonged to a Nigerian businessman Mr. Orji Prince Ikem, who traveled from Lagos to this Asian country in 2007. According to him, the luggage contained personal 700,000 and about 930,000 dollars in bundles owned by another businessman, Olisaemeka Ugwunze, who asked him to take them instead.

As Ikem emphasizes, he was not willing to hand over his bags for inspection when entering the flight, and wanted it to be done separately in the office, however, due to the insistence of the crew and employees at the airport, he did so. All the luggage disappeared without a trace after the inspection, which followed by informing the police and finally, filing a lawsuit.

After a long lawsuit that followed, Judge Yuj Muslim Hassan ruled in Ikem's favor and ordered Emirates to return the full amount of money and additionally provide damages. The Emirati airline originally opposed the allegations, claiming that the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) was in charge of the luggage and all its management processes during its stay at the Murtala Muhammad International Airport facility in Lagos, in order to reject the executive judgment and further defend its position.

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