Luxury brand Montblanc will launch a series of collector’s objects, in order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of their renewed Meisterstuck pen…

This limited edition collection will flaunt a unique selection of sensual leather goods, perfectly designed watches, sophisticated jewelry pieces and a brand new Meister stuck writing instruments line. This limited edition of writing instruments boasts the interesting 149 pen, Classique and LeGrand fountain pens, as well as a Roller pen and a Ballpoint pen. This collection will be available only during this year, because of the anniversary celebration, while every writing instrument will be made out of precious black resin, red gold elements and nib made of Au 750 gold, with the special “90 Year” design. Fashioned in Hamburg, this collection boasts writing instruments in the price range from 390 do 1.535 dollars.  

This prestigious brand also launches Meisterstuck Heritage collection of watches, which consists of four models, whose dials are 39 to 41 mm in diameter. Perfect Pulsograph mechanisms are handmade and finely adapted to principles of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

They will also offer sophisticated cufflinks, bracelets, key holders and other objects, which will be in accordance with the writing instruments with platinum accents and Montblanc engravings. 

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