Luxury scandal: young millionaire thrown out of store after declined card


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Rich and arrogant, a 27-year-old wanted to buy a diamond-studded watch worth $7.7 million but was thrown out of the store by security after his credit card was declined...

When you're young, wealthy, and a European with a rich dad, who can stop you from getting everything you want? A European guy, known in the social media world for his lavish lifestyle and extravagant purchases, recently experienced an unexpected embarrassment – his credit card was declined during a shopping attempt. This 23-year-old was sitting with the head of Jacob & Co, Jacob Arabo, fantasizing about their most expensive watch, The Billionaire, worth $7.7 million. He witnessed this masterpiece in person and decided to buy it immediately. What followed was a shock not only to the wealthy kid but also to the luxury watch manufacturer.

Unable to resist the charm of the stunning Billionaire watch, he decided to swipe his card and gift himself a very elegant Christmas present. The brand's employee informed the young spender that his card was declined. Chaos ensued as the spoiled kid (as Mr. Arabo himself called him) couldn't accept the news and angrily called his ATM, pardon, father, for help. Amid all the chaos, the composed Mr. Arabo requested security to escort the hysterical billionaire's son out of his office.

The episode ended with the European asking the founder of Jacob & Co. to save the $7.7 million watch for him and not sell it to Jay-Z, to which the businessman had only two words: 'spoiled kid'. For those not in the know, the European guy is actually Aris Jager from New York, a popular influencer known for his viral comedic sketches. He's not a European heir, but he's definitely a master at taking on the persona of such a person. As 'Louis', he does everything, from complaining about people (actors) parking their Ferraris or boats in his spots, to yelling at pilots or firing chefs for lack of pasta cooking talent.

This attentive observer does a great job. It's not surprising that his sketches have amassed nearly 70 million likes on TikTok. He boasts 553K followers on Instagram. The video with the head of Jacob & Co. had 6.1 million views on the platform at the time of writing."

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