Montblanc special edition inspired by the Jungle Book

Another Montblanc Writers Edition was just recently presented, and it presents a gorgeous writing instrument, created as an omage to the great Joseph Rudyard Kipling…

As an author of the Jungle Book, Kipling is one of the most famous authors of Great Britain in the late 19th and early 20th century, while he is also a first English speaking writer who got a Nobel prize for literature.

This pen is inspired by Kipling’s Jungle Book and his famous poem If. Created in Montblanc atelier, this writing instrument combines interesting characters from the Jungle Book and features which decorate the models from the Writers Edition line.

The cap of this instruments has been created from matte resin with green colored barrel, which matches the tones of the first American edition of Kipling’s classic. The clip is shaped like a wolf’s head, reminding us of the pack which raised Mowgli.

The rings which can be seen on the barrel and cap are decorated with the words: “If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs… You’ll be a man my son.”. The nib is made from pure gold with rhodium treatment and it has been decorated with a globe image reminding us of Kipling’s travels.

Moreover, Montblanc had created a new khaki colored ink and a leather decorated notebook, inspired by the jungle. Tiger print created with gold reminds us of the Bengal tiger from the Jungle Book.

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