Only in Monaco: drone delivers a $440 Dom Pérignon champagne bottle and caviar to a superyacht

In Monaco, a drone offers a delivery service of a $440 Dom Pérignon champagne bottle and caviar to a luxury yacht.

Picture this scene: Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez on a $500 million yacht, enjoying an unobstructed view. Their perfect moment is interrupted only by the lack of a bottle of Dom Pérignon. It's hard to imagine Amazon's founder missing something, but if it were to happen, a Monaco startup called MC Click is ready to help with its "Dom on Drone." Kookiejar from Sweden, a drone supplier, successfully delivered a bottle of 2008 Dom Pérignon champagne worth $440, a 500g tin of Azure Caviar, a Ralf Tech watch, and perfume to the Coral Ocean yacht, produced by the Lürssen shipyard.

This one-time delivery was a test to see if using drones for transporting goods and services to yachts is feasible in the future, and it seems it is. Although the products for the trial delivery weighed 10kg, future services, once approved, may see drones transporting up to 40kg of cargo, according to sources from The Drinks Business. The trial delivery received support from Monaco's aviation authorities, Aviation Civile, and Monaco's Maritime Authorities. The event was documented and shared on Instagram.

Andrew Madmon, director of Superyacht Supplies, commented on the trial delivery, saying, "We are excited to showcase the potential of drone delivery to superyachts, enabling faster, more convenient, and environmentally conscious logistics for the maritime industry." This service is ideal for yacht crew and owners, especially those who spend extended periods on their boats or charter them. With customized requirements and a constant need to impress, there is always demand for items, from kitchen supplies and medications to luxury packages and spare parts.

We recently highlighted a video revealing the kitchen, mess hall, and storage facilities on a $75 million yacht named Loon. While the yacht itself was a sight to behold, the truly astonishing part was the $100,000 order stored in Loon's freezers and cold rooms. Startups like MC Click can help eliminate the need for excessive stockpiling and spending on essentials. Anything the super-rich could desire could be delivered to their doorstep, eliminating the need to send an auxiliary ship to port.

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