PROJECT UTOPIA YACHT – Floating island

Creators of this luxury yacht Yacht Island Design Ltd. again amazed us with their new concept – Project Utopia...

Project Utopia is circular in shape, measures 330 feet in diameter, and spans 11 decks of living space. “The top decks are covered with a glass canopy, which allows sunlight to filter into the interior. The glass canopy can also be opened when the weather permits, providing fresh air to the top floors. When open, the top floor acts as an outdoor pool deck, complete with central swimming area.

The vessel remains stable in choppy waters, thanks to four platform legs that anchor it into place, even during extreme conditions. Each leg has a propeller that allows the island to move at slow speeds in a steady manner. Four helicopter pads provide access to the island via air, and wet docks house boats and jet skis for recreational use. The interior hosts a retail area, a theater, a restaurant area, bars, nightclubs and a casino.”

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