The most functional mobile phone of the new era

The famous luxury brand Oppo took the slogan "kill two birds with one stone", too seriously...

In fact, so seriously that in collaboration with design studio Nendo they joined forces to create a slide phone concept, which can be disassembled into three different screen sizes, each serving a different purpose.

In the competition for the most multifunctional device of all time, the concept of the phone opens vertically and reveals its first segment, in charge of reviewing time and all notifications. After further opening, the smart device enters its "selfie mode". The third and final phase of the concept model, brings a large wide diagonal screen that can be useful while playing games, watching movies or multitasking.

Along with the different slider positions, the side keys also enter the game in various ways and take on different roles depending on the phone mode. Most interesting of all, is that in its sleek and elegant look, all possible positions of the mobile device manage to find a place at the same time. The highly innovative triple flexible display system allows the phone to come in credit card size when fully assembled.

The first opening of the phone reveals a 40mm display, after which, with the next move, it doubles in size and becomes ideal for fun selfies. The third, final opening phase, brings a slim seven-inch touch screen and useful in all functions. Positioned horizontally, each page of the screen turns into an operating panel with touch-sensitive functions. The luxurious and innovative smart device is currently in the concept phase, it comes with a cube-shaped wireless charger, with a slot in the center, intended for holding it during the charging process.

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