The New Columbus Atlantique 65 Yacht Becomes an Instant Classic

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More photos

Columbus Yachts, a Palumbo Superyachts brand, presents the new Atlantique series yacht: a 65-meter vessel with harmonious lines and rich innovative content.

The Atlantique series is available in four versions with lengths of 37 meters, 43 meters, 47 meters, and 55 meters, with models of 43 meters and 47 meters currently in production.

"These 65 meters represent the natural evolution of the series, bringing us a lot of satisfaction," comments Giuseppe Palumbo, founder and CEO of Palumbo Superyachts. "The exterior design is even more detailed and seductive, with a deck structure that is masterfully balanced and light, causing our eyes to think that these parts are in the air. Enrico Lumini and the entire Hot Lab studio team have achieved another incredible milestone in the history of the Columbus shipyard."

"The fundamental idea was to create a volume characterized by great linearity and stylistic consistency, without excess, without exaggeration: an elegant and clean line, almost as if it were derived from a sailboat or a sports car from the fifties. There are no compromises with stylistic additions, only purity, clarity, essence," comments Enrico Lumini from Hot Lab. "From this basic idea, a yacht with an innovative and unexpected appearance was born, which, in its exceptional purity, finds its strongest expressive power and at the same time shows itself in all its elegance with a style that seems like it has always been before our eyes."

The Columbus Atlantique 65 represents constant attention to incremental innovation, never radical, and it achieves just that: it becomes an instant classic.

The external volumes are always characterized by perfectly consistent, clean lines that extend from stern to bow without interruption, creating smooth, sleek, and strict surfaces. Great attention is paid to proportions so that full and empty parts are always perfectly balanced from every angle.

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