The rich cry as well: Pharrell Williams couldn't park the Tesla Cybertruck

Passersby watched in astonishment as Pharrell Williams tried to park his new Tesla Cybertruck outside the Louis Vuitton store in Miami…

‘Pharrellel parking', a new term, was inspired by the famous singer Pharrell Williams who struggled to park the Tesla Cybertruck, presented in November to selected customers. This long-awaited electric pickup was seen in the Design District in Miami, and evidently, its size turned the simple task of parking into a challenging and uncomfortable event due to numerous onlookers.

A frustrated Pharrell Williams eventually gave up trying, leaving the vehicle as it was. As the creative director of the men's collection for the Louis Vuitton brand, he attempted to manoeuvre the full-size electric pickup but handed over the keys to the valet after ten minutes.

Cameras recorded the incident, with the first series of the large Cybertruck model released on November 30, 2023. The base model of the Cybertruck, almost 5.8 meters long, costs $60,990, the all-wheel drive version $79,990, and the highest level 'Cyberbeast' $99,990, according to Business Insider. Interestingly, Elon Musk was initially against adding side mirrors to the Cybertruck.

However, American regulations require the presence of rearview mirrors for safety despite advanced technology. Williams's problem might have been greater without them. The incident was recorded and can be viewed on the internet, where many people humorously reacted with comments like 'He can't Pharellel park', 'Pharrell can't parallel' and 'Sir, you can't park here.' One person attributed the difficulty to Tesla's Cybertruck model, saying, 'The car is not practical nor is it made for the urban jungle.' Regardless of the parking challenges, driving a Cybertruck model certainly attracts attention

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