The world we live in: a 9-year-old got a brand new Mercedes as a gift

A lady from Australia bought a brand new Mercedes as a gift for her children - a nine-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son…

A business woman and TV personality, Roxy Jacenko, did not care about money when she chose a gift for her daughter Pixie and son Hunter, because she is "super proud" of them. Pixie, which has almost 90,000 followers on Instagram, works together with her mother and in May this year, launched her own business - a toy store, Pixie Fidgets.

By all accounts, her mom is a great boss, because we have to admit that not many employees around the world got the new Mercedes-Benz GL, which can cost up to 267,000 Australian dollars. Come to think of it, since Pixie and Hunter are too young to drive it, maybe their mom actually bought this gift for herself. As she says, the kids are now aspiring towards a Rolls Royce:


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"I am super proud of Pixie and her brother. Pixie's idea to add fidgets and sensory toys to her line of work, which many people said would not be popular, was incredibly successful. The help that she and Hunter gave me during the purchase - every night we work together on the selection of styles, packaging, procurement, it goes much further than their age, so the car is a reward for the two of them. We have made a pact: we must go further, work even better. The next thing we buy is a Rolls Royce. ”

Even Pixie was surprised by the gift. As she wrote on her Instagram: “It was an amazing surprise! Mom told us to go out in front of the house, we thought they were delivering a trampoline, and a new car was waiting for us! ”

Of course, this gift provoked strong reactions on the Internet - many people congratulated the family on their success, while others were outraged by the waste of money. In any case, Roxy has made headlines again, and we believe she won't be shaken much by them.

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