UAE building an artificial mountain?!

United Arab Emirates are known for their megalomaniac projects - from the tallest building in the world, to the artificial islands in the shape of palm trees...

Still, they would not be themselves if they hadn’t gone one step further. Now, the United Arab Emirates plan to build a huge mountain, in order to collect as much water they desperately need. Scientists in this part of the world are working on the design of artificial mountain, which will create clouds, which will then be "processed" to produce rain on request.

Plans are still in the first stage, so we do not have many details about the size of mountain, the location, nor the price of the project. Scientists and experts from Colorado currently working on a detailed analysis of this model, which according to some research costs about 400,000 bucks.

Scientists and experts say they will have a report on the first phase of work until the beginning of the summer, when they’re supposed to start construction.

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