Viking elegance and technological marvel: Caviar presents the iPhone 15 Pro Max starting at $9,000

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Caviar has unveiled a collection of customized iPhone 15 Pro models, the most notable of which is adorned with a Viking arrow and priced over $9,000...

The series features premium materials such as pure 24-karat gold, forged composites in dark green and blue hues, and the highly anticipated titanium as the case material.

Dubai-based luxury brand Caviar, known for combining impressive design, rare materials, and the latest technology, has found inspiration in Nordic mythology this time. The new series of customized iPhone devices revives the concept of masculinity and dynamism as a token of love for Apple gadgets.

The leading model of the Versus collection is the iPhone 15 Pro Max Viking, priced at $9,000. Caviar jewelers adorn it with a fragment of a Viking arrow (C. 850-1000 AD). Its case is made of forged gray carbon, taken from the production of Lamborghini sports cars. The panel is decorated with 24-karat gold frames, so the entire composition resembles the contours of a helmet.

One of the key elements of this series of customized iPhone 15 models is the color options, with blue (Nord), green (Verdant), black (Windstorm), and gray (Viking) elements. Apple brand enthusiasts were eagerly awaiting the iPhone 15 Pro in bright colors, but this series does not boast that. Caviar rectified the situation by creating customized variants with forged carbon elements in blue and green.

"The masculine and dynamic duo of titanium and carbon immediately grabs the attention of the device owner. The imitation of a helmet makes the device aggressive, epic, and regal, taking us back to the time of fearless gods and heroes. It will be a great gift for a modern, confident person demonstrating their unwavering will," said Ana Al Hosani from the Caviar company's International PR Department.

Additionally, the design of this series of customized iPhone 15 Pro models resembles helmets belonging to different historical periods.

Prices start at $6,860 for the iPhone 15 Pro Windstorm, with the most expensive model being the iPhone 15 Pro Max Viking, priced at $9,000. Verdant and Nord are sold at the same price as Windstorm.

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