Would you care to buy an iPhone made of old iPhones?

The first iPhone ever, the iPhone 2G, was officially unveiled in January 2007, and since then, Apple has successfully conquered much of the world.

Years later, in 2021, Caviar now wants to pay tribute to the first-generation device, launching its iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs Edition. Limited to only 19 models worldwide, this phone is made of titanium and includes a sealed capsule in the shape of an iconic Apple Apple, which contains a piece of the motherboard of the first Apple iPhone created.

The back of the phone further contains precise photographs depicting the technical elements of the device. Other elements include titanium coated with a black PVD layer on the bottom of the device, which is laser decorated with the signature of the late founder of the Apple brand and visionary, Steve Jobs.

Commenting on the new release, the founder of the Caviar company, Sergey Kitov, stated: “For this capsule collection, I donated my iPhone 2g. I remember perfectly my feelings when I first held this device in my hands - it was a completely different reality. I held the whole internet in my hands. I remember how unusual it was for me to use it at the very beginning, but after a few months, I couldn't imagine myself with a phone with keys. "

“When I think about it a little better, this phone started my hobby and love for the Apple brand, that is, it inspired me to found Caviar. Our iPhone 13 Pro 2G is a tribute to the great individual - the innovator and inventor who turned our world upside down, Steve Jobs," he added.

Complete with a fragment of the motherboard of the first generation device, the iPhone 13 Pro Steve Jobs Edition can currently be purchased for $ 6,990 for the 128GB version and $ 8,610 for the 1TB version.

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