Azimut presents their brand new yacht

Azimut's Grande Trideck is not only a new yacht of this brand, but it represents a completely different principle of life on the high seas…

38 meters long, it was created as a result of cooperation between the Azimut internal team and the stellar line-up of external designers - Alberto Mancini created the exterior, residential designer Achilles Salvagni designed the interior, while Pierluigi Ausonio signed the nautical architecture.

The fluid design of the yacht, including its decks, charming modern interior and large beach, show us how the design of the yacht is changing and slowly moving away from the strict boundaries between interior and exterior, offering a nonchalant, hybrid way of life. The best example of this on the new Azimut yacht is the Sea View terrace, which extends above the long Beach Club. Ideal for socializing, informal meals and enjoying the view, it represents a space that was really lacking. It is also connected to a small enclave with full-height windows and doors.

The upper levels of the yacht include the Dining Terrace, intended for al-fresco or formal meals, as well as the main sun deck which offers an exceptional view along with a Jacuzzi, deck chairs and an American-style bar for evening cocktails.

And while Mancini's versatile exterior is masculine, with defined lines, arches and sharp corners, the interior of Achilles Salvagni is gentle, open and fluid, with familiar circular inserts on the ceilings, unique lighting elements, chairs and a metal bathtub which also plays the role of sculpture. Salvagni divided the owner's apartment into separate units, using the entrance as a lobby / cloakroom, turning the bathroom into a wellness center.

The rich materials used to make this yacht include wooden walls, polished mahogany, as well as textured Cardoso stone floors. The master of design used beautiful, subtle and sometimes contrasting materials in the design of the entire yacht. The five-cabin layout includes the main suite with four guest cabins on the lower deck. The sixth, VIP cabin, which most owners want, is designed on the upper one.

Although 3 meters longer and 35 tons heavier than the Azimut Grande 35 Meters, which contained the first-generation D2P hull, the new Trideck yacht uses about the same amount of fuel compared to its smaller cousin, while 15% more efficient at a cruising speed of 15 knots.

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