Baglietto T52: A Hybrid Yacht for a New Era

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Introduced at Milan Design Week, the new motor yacht Baglietto T52 combines contemporary design with ecological awareness, setting new standards in the luxury yacht industry...

This vessel, crafted by the renowned Italian shipyard Baglietto, bears the signature of designers Francesco Paszkowski in collaboration with Margherita Casprini, representing the pinnacle of luxury and innovation.

Measuring 52 meters, the T52 is equipped with a hybrid propulsion system that highlights Baglietto's commitment to a more sustainable approach to sailing. With six luxuriously appointed cabins that can accommodate up to 14 guests and additional quarters for nine crew members, the yacht is a true floating oasis for relaxation and entertainment.

Design that Merges Tradition and Technology

A key element that makes the yacht particularly attractive is its innovative stern design. The open stern area with a three-level beach club allows guests to enjoy close proximity to the sea. There is also a large pool that can be concealed, allowing the space to transform and provide an additional platform for socializing and activities.

The yacht's interior reflects elegance and sophistication. The floors are made of teak, the furniture is upholstered in fine leather in natural and almond shades, while the bathrooms are adorned with Botticino marble. Details in patinated metal and stainless steel further highlight the luxurious ambiance.

Technological Innovation

CEA Design, known for its minimalist and functional designs, has equipped the T52 with modern plumbing fixtures that contribute to the overall contemporary design impression. The collection features models such as GIOTTO and NEUTRA, whose construction in satin stainless steel adds a touch of subtle elegance to every space.

The Baglietto T52 is not just a vessel but a symbol of how luxury and sustainability can go hand in hand. With its hybrid propulsion and carefully chosen materials that minimize environmental impact, the T52 sets new ecological standards in the world of luxury yachts.

As the world progresses towards a more sustainable future, yachts like the Baglietto T52 demonstrate how high aesthetics and respect for nature can together create an extraordinary experience on the open seas.

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