Buy yourself a penthouse on a superyacht

And while for ordinary people, owning a yacht may seem like a dream come true, it comes with its own special set of headaches...

Sun and salt water do their damage, while fuel, maintenance, upgrades and crew will overcome you as obstacles in your beginner marathon. Owners who bought their boat for the first time are unlikely to be able to cope with all the problems that come with it, and will also spend two or maybe three weeks a year on it.

Fractal ownership, that is, where multiple parties share the cost and access to something, can start to look attractive in those cases, especially given that yacht maintenance is often included in the price. Still, what you get in efficiency when it comes to finances, you lose in your freedom of choice when it comes to travel dates, personalized design and itinerary.

"Fractal ownership has never been overly functional," says Jim Evans, managing director of SuperYachtsMonaco. "There have been numerous initiatives for it, but none have been too successful due to the fact that rich people are alpha types. Negotiations on dates and locations are virtually impossible with them. "

Andrea Pezini, co-founder of Floating Life, says quite the opposite. "Partial ownership is a successful business model that we make money from," referring to managing the Ocean Pearl Yacht for the past thirteen years. However successful his business model is, many nautical enthusiasts crave increased flexibility.

The makers of the research yacht, Arksen, have now created a new Adventure Syndicate Model to "try to design a proprietary methodology that is equally functional for families and gives them access to the great adventures associated with science programs," as founder Jasper Smith explains. This initiative promised that each Arksen ship would spend ten percent of its time at sea in oceanographic exploration, education or conservation, giving owners the opportunity to become familiar with important information. In addition, the Arksen model gives owners the opportunity to buy stocks on board, which is a class of convenience, not a right.

Still, those who do not want to befriend the idea of ​​sharing, Ocean Residences are the right solution in the form of 118 private suites on the decks of a 925-foot Nyord ship. Planned amenities for this water wonder include beach clubs, hangar helicopters, exploring Antarctica and limousine tenders for the Mediterranean. Still, the jury is still ambushed when it comes to floating real estate - are the ships the flats are actually super-yachts or are they cruisers?

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