Combining the Luxurious and the Authentic with PONANT Luxury Cruises

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Regarding travel styles, there are often two distinct approaches that seem to be at opposite ends: luxury travel and authentic travel.

When we think of luxury travel, we often imagine the peak of indulgence, from personalised services to gourmet dining and deluxe lodgings. Yet with authentic travel, many feel they must reject such luxuries and instead go off the beaten track to experience the real essence of a destination.

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Luxury and Authentic Travel Combined

These two approaches to travel may seem at opposing ends, but they need not be. PONANT is a cruise company that aims to combine the comforts and services of luxury travel with authentic experiences in unique locations. Here are some of the ways PONANT aims to distinguish itself from other luxury cruise lines and offer a journey that is both luxurious and authentic.

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The Ethos of PONANT

For over 30 years, PONANT has been offering some of the best luxury cruises for those who want high-end-luxury as well as authentic and responsible travel. By combining five-star services and amenities onboard with a more sustainable and responsible approach to travel, PONANT can take passengers to destinations that few other cruise lines can access.

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The Best of Both Worlds

Onboard, guests can enjoy a mix of fine dining, entertainment and other amenities you would come to expect from a luxury cruise. Each cruise ship has also been designed with limited capacity, allowing passengers to enjoy more personalised services and also enabling the ships to access ports and locations inaccessible to larger cruise liners. This, in turn, gives each passenger opportunities to visit locations often ignored by larger cruise lines, resulting in a more authentic experience free from the tourist traps in many popular destinations.

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Sustainable Travel

PONANT is also dedicated to more sustainable travel, having switched to more sustainable fuel options, eliminating single-use plastics on board, and recycling and reusing waste materials such as cardboard and metal. This helps PONANT contribute to the preservation of the environment and ecosystems in their travel destinations.

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Where Do They Go?

PONANT offers journeys to destinations throughout the world, from the icy terrain of the Arctic to the tropical beaches of the Pacific Islands. There are luxury cruises available for each continent in a variety of travel styles, from intimate luxury yachts to icebreaker vessels that can explore the frozen regions of the Arctic and Antarctica.

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Tailor-Made Journeys

Theme cruises are also available on a seasonal basis, with itineraries designed to appeal to lovers of culture, history, food, and the environment. Each journey is tailor-made to your needs and desires, and you can choose each individual amenity and place to visit to create your own unique journey.

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