Czinger - a beauty that conquers the world of hypercars

Ready to premiere at the Geneva Motor Show, this carbon-inspired model is partially introduced in a new video and photos…

The microcosm of hypercar manufacturers has a dominant strain of elite brands, which are occasionally encountered by highly competitive startup companies. This time around, the challenger hails from the United States, more specifically from Los Angeles, and offers an incredible level of exoticism.

Introduced in a video before its official debut, which will take place during the Geneva Motor Show, the Czinger 21C promises cutting-edge technology, a high-performance hybrid powertrain and three-seat layout, with a centrally positioned driver seat. In addition, it represents a paradigm shift in the way vehicles are designed, developed and manufactured, according to an official brand statement. And while no vehicle will be able to get close to the McLaren F1 pedestal, but we're pretty sure Czinger is closest to that.

The founder and CEO of the brand, Kevin Zinger, was responsible for the launch of Divergent Blade, a 720-horsepower supercar with tandem seats and details created by 3D printing technology. This time around, the hardware specs have not yet been fully revealed.

The company will reportedly announce all the details as the official launch date approaches. Still, looking at the pictures of the model, we can conclude that it has a complex chassis that combines tubular carbon components that would fit perfectly with the most beautiful Italian four-wheelers. Sharp, mesmerizing and wicked, Czinger looks really perfect. See for yourself with our gallery and screenshot below:

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