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The fabulous 40-meter M superyacht is beautiful and high-tech, simply due to the fact that it’s so far away from everything we’ve ever seen...

It was launched in 2012 by Istanbul-based Bilgin Yachts and absolutely redefines the principles we’ve known related to yacht building. The exterior look of the M, silvery and contemporary, is exceptionally attractive and pleasing. It combines sharp edges and shapes with curvy and sleek lines, in an extremely special manner. The key ingredient of this level of exclusivity is the reverse bow, displaying some aggressiveness, yet in a beautiful, modern way.

The acclaimed H2 studio was responsible for the interior and exterior designs, at the experienced owner’s request. The instant you board, the area that stuns you is the main aft deck – fully fitted with elegant and state of the art amenities, it provides a summary of what’s following aboard the M. The cockpit, elegantly designed, with a stunning personality, is quite a masterpiece – it comprises a retro-styled exterior lounge fitted with modern, yet elegantly retained furnishing, lean sofas, gorgeous armchairs and a gorgeous al fresco dining table in the middle. There are also some lounging pads shaping up an eye-catching nook that protrudes into the stern of the M in a rather subtle way. Guests are elevated above the large aft swimming platform here, for intimate and exclusivity-related purposes.

Heading deeper inside, the main saloon is as contemporary as it can get, with a big modern lounge area alongside a black cocktail bar. They provide a gorgeous contrast with the large, off-white sofas and chairs, the superb light paneling for the walls and ceilings, elegant lighting scheme and plush grey carpeting. They all shape up a drastically informal place suitable for all sorts of occasions. The main dining lies fore, fitted with comfortable TV and movie space, upon a pretty much metropolitan ambiance. Great sophistication comes in the shape of the main saloon, a private and very modern area.


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