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Lujac Desautel utterly turns yacht design on its head with the concept of ‘Glass’.

The inimitable boat, designed for a world-famous composer and his family, has earned its creator a ‘Young Designer of the Year’ nomination from Boat International Media and it’s pretty obvious what caught their eye. The ship is built upon a SWATH (small water-plane area twin hull) and is composed of three rectangular elements, evocative of a lego construction

The boat is certainly comfy and luxurious, with a graceful sunken living room, a dining room with a cocktail lounge and even a piano, to the delight of its musically inclined owner. But what’s really striking, apart from the yacht’s unique outlook, is the amazing amount of light the floor-to-ceiling glass walls let in. Not to mention the stunning ocean views!

According to the architect himself, “glass is the binary of the two opposites”, either “light and ethereal or masculine and monumental” – one can even see a similarity between this and “a composer mastering the perfect composition”. Regardless of its symbolism, this fantastic vessel will certainly be quite a sight to see whenever it launches and we’re looking forward to bringing you the news when that day comes.

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