Luxury yacht inspired by traditional Viking boats

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More photos

Nautical and seafaring enthusiasts will be able to embark on a new adventure sooner than they expected, thanks to Max Zivov's Drakkar S Smartyacht design…

This 85-foot concept is equipped with an autopilot system controlled by artificial intelligence technology, which eliminates the need for an experienced captain. The entire yacht is managed with the help of a smartphone application, where the owners choose the location, and their powerful ship is headed right there.

As it sails, this yacht will approach the shore at the right anchoring distance, while it can also independently identify surface and underwater obstacles. Although its technology is futuristic, the design of the yacht is inspired by Viking ships, using the Norwegian word for "dragon ship" as its name.

An electric motor powered by solar panels will power this yacht, while its interior provides two main cabins, two guest cabins and a spacious saloon for ultimate enjoyment.

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