The river Themse at the begining of Olympic games looks more like Monaco, if jou judge by the nuber of luxury yachts. They belong to multimilionaires who decded to come to London by sea and rivers.

Atention of London’s citizens had already been caught by ’’Octopus’’, the yacht of the Microsoft co-owner Paul Alan and ’’Ilona’’ from australian mogul Frank Lowy, and it is expected that nearly 100 yachts will occupy the best places on the river banks.

Today the world bigest private yacht could be seen there, ’’Eclipce’’ owned by Roman Abramovich. ’’Eclipse’’ has two pools, two helipads, disco, 30 cabins, a movie theater, mini-submarine and it’s own defencive missile system. Abramovich’s cabine is made form armored material and it has bulletpoof glass and laser system that disabes photo shooting.

Bill Gates will also be arivng with ’’Goygpus’’, Elena Ambroisadu with ’’Malthese falcon’’ and Donald Gosling with ’’Leander’’. Movie stars like George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will also be ariving.

Most exlusive locations, right next to HMS Belfast, had been reserved for months ahead, and the city treasury will get a lot of money form that, because the average price for a spot to put your yacht, for two weeks is around 64,000 punds.

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