When it comes to luxury lifestyle, one of the indugences rich people have are luxury vehicles, vessels and jets…

luxury yacht floating on sea


Luxury yachts are now dominating the rich and famous world, since they are really special and unique places to enjoy yourselfs in. The very term luxury yacht has appeared in the 1600s or in the era when design and versatility came together.

Lets start with defining the yacht itself. It is a boat with decks, sails and cabins, made to transport goods and people, for pleasure or for business. Boating for pleasure is nearly old as boating itself. Boats are according to some sources the first transportation men used to reach point b from point a. Again, we have to consider Egypt and Pharaohs, since their luxury vessels were made as luxurious as their palaces and tombs. Richly decorated, made out of high quality materials, these luxury boat were design miracles. They were not small ships, but 130 feet long ones, and were carefully made without nails. First transformations of these god like boats was in Netherlands, since this country had depended upon its waterways, boats were its primary means of transportation. Their successful trade with other countries brought them wealth and luxury goods. Their yachts were made long and thin, so they could sale in the seas and rivers, and so they can move fast enough, because one of their others uses was fighting and hunting down pirates.The word yacht itself means HUNT in Dutch.


sundeck of a luxury yacht


Moving on to the 17th century, yachting grew successful and had more affecionados in Europe. Vessels of all kind were made, and many reach people, which were a part of the elite social groups, had their private yachts made. The terms luxury yacht, mega yacht and super yacht make it very clear to us that we are talking about something very expensive and luxurious.  There are more types of luxury yachts; it can be sailing yacht or motor yacht, depending on the owners wishes. In the years between the 1990s and 2000s, a massive growth was noticed in this industry, since the number of luxury yachts, as well as their size and popularity grew faster and faster every single day.

Ever since the first yacht was made, their development and evolution was constant. Designers and creators never stopped thinking and making new models and applying new material to their designs. Yachts were made out of conventional wood and steel in the past ages, but now, we have a new high quality material every day, and it is the material that makes the yacht spell luxury. Nowadays, designers use carbon fiber, aluminium, titanium and various alloys in combination with wood, so the yacht they make is unique, light, expensive and the utmost luxury boat.


Silver luxury yacht at sea


Yachts are akin to homes now, because their exterior and interior are really important to the designer who are bound to fullfil every wish their clients have, and the owners who want to have something their own, special and unique, a luxury yacht which will reflect their personal style. Their exterior is always made so stylish and elegant, but the interiors are luxury and sofisticated. Only the most expensive and rarest materials are used in creating this luxury vessels, which can be applyed to their durability and high quality performance.


Luxury Azzam yacht the largest yacht in the world


Azzam yacht for example is the luxury design masterpiece. It is the biggest private yacht ever made and it flounts and reflects luxury in every inch. It is a highly appreciated design by Lurssen and Nauta Yacht in collaboration with world renewed interior designer Christophe Leoni. The interiors of this luxury yacht are oppulent and magnificent, it resembles a luxury hotel because it has many amenities alike. It provides luxury and sophisticated accomodations for its passengers, which makes it even more special. Rumors say that it has 50 suites and 95 sq ft main saloon amognst other lavish features.The size of this yacht is amazing, it is 590 feet long, and it is owned by Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates and Emir of Abu Dhabi, and cost as much as $600 million to build.



This yacht was the reason for the billionaire war a few weeks ago. Nirvana megayachtis the largest of the new Oceanco series yet launched and is the latest in a line of yachts that includes the legendary Alfa Nero. Built to stratospheric standard and designed by Sam Sorgiovanni to the owner’s exacting requirements, NIRVANA is without question, one of a handful of elite world cruising yachts. This is without question the most wanted vessel in the world at the moment, and the most impressive one, also. This luxury yacht has its own elevator, fully equipped gym, gourmet restaurants and high fashion boutiques. Sun decks are its main feature, as well as the on deck pool, where you can enjoy cold and refreshing beverages and al fresco meals.



Luxury yachts are a true indulgence in wealthy life, a piece of heaven of your own, design marvels and masterpieces. We have seen all kinds of luxury yachts in the past few years, so we must wonder what will be designed next.


beautiful luxury yacht at sea

There are many notable yacht designers, but only a few of them are world renewed. For example, Azimuth yachts, which is an Italian yacht manufacturing company, established in 1969. They started with producing small boats, later evolving into a luxury yacht manufacturer. They have a wide range of luxury vessels and their largest one is the Azimuth Grande 140. They are currently owners of Benetti, another luxury vessel building company.

Benetti group has a 140 years old history, close to 300 luxury yachts built. These are the facts that tell us about their quality and craftsmanship. Their yacht building philosophy means carrying the tradition of innovation, style and quality that has shaped the company’s approach and culture. Today they utilize new and modern materials to design and produce full custom yachts in a variety of lengths. Their capacity, united with their top notch quality and the attention given to details have made them a world leader and a luxury yacht building icon.


luxury yacht at night


One more luxury yacht producer is Elan Yachts. They are a global producer of sports and leisure time activities. Company was established in 1945 and it has a proud and long history. They are devoted to technical development of products, progressive designs through innovative approach and advanced technology. They are the strongest and most global Slovene brand and the pride of the country. The brand embodies a true passion for sailing, technological innovations and distinctive design.

Ferretti Group is also one of the world leaders in design, construction and sale of motor yachts. Their portfolio is amazing and prestigious. They also started with small boats advancing to larger and more luxury yachts. Their wide range is defined by designs of highly qualified technicians and engineer. Their use of modern and innovative materials is impeccable and not at all surprising. They produce some of the world’s most famous yachts.

Top luxury ever built yachts are the Azzam yacht, biggest yacht ever built, followed by the Eclipse, luxury yacht owned by Roman Abramovich, which is 531.5 feet long,  it features an absolutely amazing master suite, amongst its endless amenities like a private garden. The third one on our list is the Ocean Breeze luxury yacht, said to be sumptuously decorated with multiple staterooms, gorgeous salons, solid gold fixtures and other luxury amenities.  

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