Masterpiece by Argo Navis – Horizon 70

This phenomenal and extraordinary project is created by Argo Navis studio, and it has already been nominated for a prestigious award…

Dusan Antic is the founder of this company, and since 2013, they’ve been engaged in the design, planning, construction supervision, representation, consulting and other activities in the field.

Argo Navis studio in its team has superior experts from various different specialties, so whether they’re dealing with design, structural calculations, electrical system, various mechanical systems or any other activity from this branch, they always provide their clients with impeccable and high-quality services. Their team prefers to work on turnkey projects – from concept design to the very delivering of the yacht and sea trials. This way, they’re in total control during the whole process of design&engineering, or building itself, in case they’re hired as owner representatives or supervisors.

Also, there is a very close relationship with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, where Dusan worked in teaching for some time, after graduating master studies. "In the case of demanding analysis and specific requests, we gladly consult with former colleagues," said Dusan.

Numerous yachts they’ve worked on have won over the market consisting of people who love enjoying and adventures on the seven seas. Still, their latest design is particularly special. It’s the Horizon 70 yacht, which has been nominated for The International Yacht & Aviation Awards, in category Concept up to 40 m. Interesting fact is that this yacht has already been sold, and to its future owner, who plans to enjoy the beauty of the Cote de Azure, will be delivered early next year.

As we have already said, this yacht was designed by Argo Navis studio, headed by Dusan Antic, who is responsible for the design of the ship in its entirety. Stylization of the exterior, as well as the design details, was greatly contributed by Sasa Milosavljevic, their permanent associate.

Horizon 70 yacht was envisioned in such manner, so its owners, as well as other people who will have the chance to see it in person, will have the opportunity to absorb its unique style and impeccable design, envisioned as a combination of modern and retro details. “Basically, design/style which is out if the frame, became the standard. This can sound contradictious, but it is actually true”, as Dusan Antic says.

“In order to give your client something he can be proud of and something in which he can enjoy, you need to offer him something really unique. I believe that, futuristic design, with its sharp lines, is becoming a thing of the past. A vessel must resemble and look like a boat after all, not like a racing car or a plane, if we’re talking about the leisure market.”

With that in mind, Horizon 70 project was created, which represents a synthesis of modernism and timelessness. This concept offers airy and open spaces, which can usually be seen on larger yachts – there’s the swimming platform, wide and ergonomically designed staircase which leads to the main deck, oversized sunbathing space, as well as the cockpit, which has enough room to accommodate 12 persons.  

New trends which must be considered, or rather, directions which will mark the next period of time regarding design, as Dusan Antic says, are classical lines, which are interwoven with morphing shapes in a very subtle way, Bi and Tri color arrangements inspired by car industry, and of course, eco-friendly technologies and renewable resources. “Yachting industry will certainly follow the car industry, where Tesla is the perfect example. Only a few years ago, electric cars weren’t valuable and pertinent competitor to conventional models, but today… it’s enough to look at the numbers, which clearly hint us that a change in the world of yachts will happen, and it’s a mere question of time when will it occur”, said Dusan.

Also, in his opinion, comfort, space and light must be the center of attention when designing a yacht. For that reason, Horizon 70 has full length windows on both of its sides, which give the owners and their guests the opportunity to enjoy in extraordinary views from any cabin or any space on the vessel.

The main salon of the yacht contains a skylight with the surface of 10 m2, which accentuates the beauty of the space with natural light, during the whole day. All windows have fully automated shades, which can provide the owners total darkness, if that’s what they want.

The interior of the yacht is divided in three main sections – master suite with spacious bathroom, wardrobe and office desk, central lobby with guest bathroom and kitchenette, and in the end, the main salon with standing height of 2.4 meters. The cabin for the crew is set in the front area of the yacht and in that manner, completely separated from all the spaces which are meant for the guests or the owner.

A couple of technical details are important to mention, like the air-conditioning system, which was envisioned to be completely soundless in any working mode. One more solution from super yachts was implemented here – the filters of generator exhaust, which made it possible for the owner to enjoy each activity without the disturbance of noise or any unwanted odors. Of course, eco-friendly aspects of this solution are very important. The hardtop of the yacht has solar panels, which offer enough energy for main safety systems, even in the periods when yacht is completely out of use, deprived of using power from the shore or a generator. 

The propulsion system for Horizon 70 came from Volvo Penta, three engines combined with IPS technology, which give it top notch features and performances. One of the most interesting details is the fact that there will be no steering wheel on this yacht – a joystick will be used for maneuvering.

Unlike the standard practice when we’re talking about production boats, where a vessel is treated with “gel coat”, Horizon 70 will be hand prepared and painted with metallic gray color, which is a standard with much larger yachts. As a standard, Horizon 70 will be offered with Alex Seal metallic color, so its appearance perfectly matches its powerful performances.

This yacht is being built by the renewed company Sapphire Marine, with whom Argo Navis studio has had a prosperous collaboration on several projects, so their success is guaranteed.

The yacht interior will be completely created and made in Germany, in the workshop of a very successful designer and manufacturer, Mr. Alv Kintscher, a long-time partner of Argo Navis studio, with whom they’ve already worked before.

Horizon 70 yacht also has a 4.6m tender, which is located in the garage, underneath the sunbathing space. It is interesting to mention that the vessel and tender have very similar design, which makes them a unique whole.

Tender is powered by a diesel engine with 170 horse power (hp), coupled with a water-jet, so all the fun during the ride, as well as swimmer’s safety are guaranteed.

The length of the tender is 4.6 meters, it can hold 5 persons, and its top speed is 40 knots. It can be used for water sports, skiing, wakeboarding… or as a boat. It deploys into water with the help of a hydraulic platform of the main vessel.

Luxurious and timeless design, top notch and state of the art systems, technical solutions, as well as the airy spaciousness which a yacht of this size gives to its owners are the favorite aspects of design, for the founder of Argo Navis studio.

This projects lured the attention of public rapidly. Right after the published contest, Horizon 70 yacht made it to the next phase of The International Yacht and Aviation award competition, which is held once a year.

“I believe that The International Yacht and Aviation award competition is very important for all the new “players” on the market, offering them the perfect opportunity to present themselves to the public. This isn’t the first time we’ve entered this contest – in 2010, we’ve won with Hedonist yacht design manufactured by ArtOfKinetik, where I was responsible for the complete engineering. Then, we became the center of attention for all the crucial people in the sector of yacht building, which made it possible for us to get in the spotlight, practically overnight. I believe that entering this competition is the right move and I really believe that we have a chance to win! Currently, aside from this contest, our absolute priority is to finish working on Horizon 70 and deliver it to its owner. If all goes according to plan, the test drives and final handover will occur in the beginning of next year”, said Dusan.


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