Migma - catamaran which will change the world

The catamaran and yacht industry is evolving faster than we could have ever imagined…

Although we admired electric yachts and all their wonders until yesterday, a new creation of the hydrogen catamaran came on the scene, which will become a part of our reality much earlier than we thought. Introducing Migma, the catamaran concept of the Spanish industrial company Ruma Design.

Although many claim that it may or may not conquer the open sea, we must admit that it managed to rise up the public and reach all the most important titles in the world. Not only will it be perfectly safe for its surroundings, this catamaran will be able to cover long distances without any noise. We must also emphasize that the magnificent catamaran is inspired by crabs, both in its form and function.

Migma is designed for noise-free travel, thanks to its hydrogen powertrain, which allows it to move sustainably around our entire planet. It has a special tank that serves to store liquid hydrogen, lithium-ion batteries, PEM fuel cells and two electric motors that work together to allow maximum enjoyment.

Also, this catamaran is not designed without fun in mind - its designers describe it as a ship that offers a minimalist feel and luxurious identity, and is perfect for two larger families that will be able to fit in two generous, luxurious cabins.

The central saloon is the main decoration of the catamaran, and it is done in minimalist tones, allowing natural light to enhance all its luxurious features and wrap them in a veil of inviolable elegance. This space is fully customizable - depending on whether you use the Migma catamaran for work or pleasure, it can be transformed into a formal dining room, office or family room.

The catamaran also features luxury amenities, such as a swimming pool and a large electrochromic smart glass facing the ocean. The panoramic view can be enjoyed from any part of the ship, while the glass can be tinted when privacy is crucial.

Migma uses its space intelligently, to make the sailing experience simply flawless. Although it has fewer rooms in its offer, they are larger and more functional.

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