Prelude - a luxury yacht inspired by a New-York style penthouse

Designed for a billionaire and his family to explore the uncharted reaches of the high seas, the Prelude Explorer yacht features a glass-enclosed swimming pool, a New York penthouse-style beach club, an enclosed garden and a one-touch helipad...

The Monaco-based firm has breathed new life into the explorer yacht, with the 80m luxury beauty now resembling a glamorous penthouse belonging to a young billionaire. First of all, the concept, with its modern, minimalist aesthetic and clean, elegant lines, mimics a duplex more than a yacht, regardless of its imposing proportions.

Spread over three levels, Prelude features a glass-bottom pool that takes centre stage on the upper deck. A glass-bottom pool serves as a visual treat for guests on the lower level, as below the pool is the main deck with formal dining and living areas.

The 80-meter yacht boasts a never-before-seen beach club, which is the highlight of this impeccable design. The double-height glass beach club is more like a spacious living room, with an enclosed garden, fire pit, bar and uninterrupted sea views. Guests enter Prelude through its glass main entrance and sliding glass panels to discover a spacious living area dominated by a mezzanine with sky-style pendant lights.

At night, Prelude's high ceiling allows guests to become one with the sky and enjoy breath-taking sea views. Aberdoni prefers to call the area a "beach house" rather than a club: "When your yacht's beach club has more in common with a New York penthouse than a swim platform, it's no longer a beach club."

The interior of the "beach house" is as important as the exterior, and is designed as a place to relax. The space showcases a Scandinavian style with a white colour palette that "brings peace to your senses" and allows guests to enjoy the most elegant events in the ultimate style.

Interior of the yacht deserves special attention. Imagine a sparkling, immaculate white setting surrounded by contemporary furniture, a floating staircase and stunning lights. Prelude also includes six generous cabins for up to 12 guests and accommodations for a crew of 18.

The explorer yacht continues to impress with extras such as a helipad, a large garage for water toys and a bow hot tub. The Prelude is the first of Aberdoni's designs to include a touchable helipad. The helipad is also multi-purpose and can be transformed into a lounge when the helicopter leaves the yacht.

Although this is only his third design, Prelude proudly displays a pirate flag at the stern, a key defining feature of the Jay Aberdoni-designed yacht. "I adopted it a long time ago as a subtle signature that is always present in my work! That will always be one way to know that I designed the yacht!”

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