Sandra Melnicenko's luxury yacht

Superyacht "A" can be called a masterpiece of high quality in terms of design, and is considered one of the finest yachts that there are...

It is the work of Philippe Starck and it is unconventional, because of its "upside-down" hull and unique aesthetic exterior. Luxury yacht, 119 meters long, has a wide range of unique benefits, including its innovative engineering and design, as well as three swimming pools, which have their own flow of water. It also has two unique tenders of 11 meters, Open and limo models, which are also the work of a genius designer Philippe Starck.

Its interior is modern and has sophisticated design, and excellent assigned functions in space, wooden finishing touches and many other details, like the glass roof that overlooks one of the pools.

It is powered by twin 6035hp MAN RK280 diesel engine, and it is able to develop a speed of 23 knots, with a nautical range of 4250 nm. It has the latest equipment when it comes to navigation and entertainment, and is ready and equipped for all the actions that its owners want. It offers unparalleled comfort and convenience while traveling, with advanced stabilizers and insulation. There's ample room for fourteen guests in one master apartment and six suites for guests and has enough room for 37 crew members, who work around the clock on it, so that was and still is impeccable.

Otherwise, this yacht was a gift, which Russian businessman Andrei Melnichenko gave to his wife Sandra. When the works were performed on the interior decoration of yachts, Sandra was involved in every step of the design, choosing the materials and all the necessary details. She knew exactly what she wants on her yacht, as we can see by ingeniously designed and ultra large wardrobe that was developed. Its grand and glamorous wardrobe is located within the master suite and is unlocked with a fingerprint!

The entire yacht exudes elegance and luxury, which is a true embodiment of a modern and timeless style. Every detail on the yacht is well thought out and has a purpose. Although the life of Russian rich is mostly hidden from the public eye, Sandra shared a few pictures of her yacht on Facebook, which you can see in our gallery.

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