Stormbreaker - a yacht that can conquer every inch of the world

The use of glass on a yacht is nothing new, but when it covers almost a third of one ship, we are definitely surprised…

This is exactly what Theodoros Fotiadis has done with his new research yacht concept. The Berlin-based designer describes his Stormbreaker yacht as "powerful and commanding, with lines as sharp as veins", and judging by the graphics we can see, he is definitely not exaggerating.

The Stormbreaker yacht has an almost vertical bow, a barely rounded bow, a sleek silver hull and a large amount of glass panels. The main decoration of the design is the dramatic, cumbersome atrium in the middle of the ship, which gives passengers the opportunity to enjoy natural light and panoramic views.

On top of its good looks, the Stormbreaker yacht will push the limits when it comes to performance and technical ability. As its name implies, this yacht is prepared for optimal cruising in all climates, and can withstand any storm.

Together with its rugged exterior, this yacht will be equipped with a state-of-the-art communication system that will allow you to use high-speed Internet even when you are in the remotest parts of the world.

In addition, the Stormbreaker Yacht features a Panoramic 360 visualization system that can record and broadcast live everything around it.

In its interior, the Stormbreaker yacht promises immeasurable luxury. It has a beach club, spa and gym complex, panoramic deck, swimming pool, private office, helicopter hangar, tender garage, art gallery and cigar lodge.

What more can you want?

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