The 25 longest yachts in the world

At the very beginning of this year, we decided to rank the largest yachts in the world by length…

From the incredibly large, to the huge, gigantic, twenty-five largest yachts in the world will definitely impress us always. Built by shipyards around the world - from the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, the United States, Greece and the UK, among others, novelties and redesigned models are launched each year, at the request of numerous owners.

Some shipyards, such as the German Lurssen brand, construct the major number of yachts and the largest yachts in the world on a daily basis. Out of the twenty-five models you can see in the list, as many as 13 models carry their signature.

The list changes slightly every year, but some dream ships have managed to maintain their position for several years.

25. ‘Al Lusail’ (123 m), Lürssen

24. ‘Golden Odyssey’ (123.26 m), Lürssen

23. ‘Katara’ (124 m), Lürssen

22. ‘Maryah’ (124.968 m), Neorion

21. ‘Octopus’ (126.187 m), Lürssen

20. ‘Al Mirqab’ (133.014 m), Kusch Yachts

19. ‘Serene’ (133.807 m), Fincantieri

18. ‘Crescent’ (135 m), Lürssen

17. ‘Savarona’ (135.941 m), Blohm+Voss

16. ‘Flying Fox’ (136 m), Lürssen

15. ‘Rising Sun’ (138 m), Lürssen

14. ‘Al Salamah’ (138.989 m), Lürssen

13. ‘Project Lightning’ (139 m), Lürssen

12. ‘Ocean Victory’ (139.994 m), Fincantieri

11. ‘Yas’ (140), Abu Dhabi Mar

10. ‘A’ (142 m), Nobiskrug

9. ‘El Mahrousa’ (145 m), Samuda Brothers

8. ‘Prince Abdulaziz’ (146 m), Helsingør Værft

7. ‘A+’ (147 m), Lürssen

6. ‘Al Saïd’ (154 m), Lürssen

5. ‘Dilbar’ (156 m), Lürssen

4. ‘Dubai’ (161 m), Platinum Yachts

3. ‘Eclipse’ (162.458 m), Blohm+Voss

2. ‘Fulk Al Salamah’ (163.982 m), Mariotti Yachts

1: ‘Azzam’ (180 m), Lürssen

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