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Feadship Yacht, a prestigious Dutch shipyard, presented their latest superyacht project, which bears the name Savannah...

This yacht is 83.5 meters long and is the first hybrid mega-yacht in the world. We can say that this is one of the most innovative beasts which rule the waters. Savannah is also the largest yacht which will be colored in metallic innovative painting system. At first glance, it seems like an ordinary huge luxury yacht, with five levels, and massive pool decks. But what makes it special is hidden in her hull.

It represents a pioneering mix of Wärtsilä main engines, three generators, about one million watts Li-Ion batteries, a central propeller and line azimuth thruster. In combination with its super flat shape of the hull, this means that Savannah yacht has a 35% savings in fuel consumption and incredible flexibility to manage and load voltage.

In this way, a gigantic propeller is located on the front, and is connected in-line with the electrical elements - this is a system that has never been applied on a yacht. Another innovation is the batteries, which provide her extra speed and propeller which gives the possibility of powering generators at any speed. Also, super quiet cruising at low speeds takes place without revving the engine. According to her captain, Ted McCumber, there is the option of choice between petrol, diesel electric or electric motor, which is really unique convenience. Only the top engineering and the rich experience of the shipyard contributed to the construction of this innovative project.

With the revolutionary power systems of Savannah megayacht, in addition to its ultra thin fuselage and high-tech design of the propeller, the owner will provide the opportunity to enjoy one of the most energy efficient and powerful yachts ever.

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