Vela - a magnificent yacht with traditional elements

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More photos

Gianmarco Cardia, one of the most talented young yacht designers in the world today, recently unveiled his latest project, called Vela…

It is a magnificent yacht concept that uses Dyna Rig sails in a very interesting way. If you thought Dyna Rigs sails were a rare sight, know that you're right, because there aren't many yachts in the world that use them. On the Vela concept, the sails were given a dual purpose because one part of them could be used as a canvas for outdoor cinema.

In total, Vela carries no less than 1,850 square meters of sails. In addition, the magnificent yacht is equipped with hybrid propulsion, to reduce potential pollution.

The yacht interior comes with four guest cabins and one master room, a wellness area with a gym, a magnificent spa section and a beach club, which is filled with a bar and large sun loungers. The yacht is 80 meters long, 14.3 meters wide, and can easily accommodate up to ten guests. What do you think?

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