Electric cars aren’t nothing new, but the boating market missed this innovation until now.

After a development period of two years, father and son Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys managed to create a one-of-a-kind electric pleasure yacht which is now ready to take over the world. Supiore Uno debuted on June 28, this year at The Harbour Club in Amsterdam and has since made waves at the Cannes Boat Show in September.

The revolutionary step for the boating industry reflects in yacht’s capability of charging by the solar cells on the foredeck or by wallplug. Together they achieve a stunning 20% loading capacity per hour and at cruise speed, it has a range of up to six hours. “The extremely quiet and efficient electric motor, which is controlled by our house designed microprocessor technology, provides an efficient and economical drive, both when sailing forward and when sailing in reverse.” Of course, forget about environmentally harmful gases.

Christened as luxury yacht, Supiore Uno justifies each of its segment. Beside a barbeque, cooler, chilled wine storage, integrated LED lighting and HiFi speakers, this stunning yacht allows you to customize the look of the yacht completely, inside and out. Leather, diamond stitching or a more classic look – this world’s first luxury electric yacht can carry your personal touch. Measuring 5.24 meters long, with ample seating for seven people, the Uno is software limited to a maximum speed of 20 km per hour (10 knots) and is salt water proof.

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