A few days ago, Patek Philippe brand celebrated its 175.birthday...

As expected, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches created the amazing clock on this occasion - Grandmaster Chime. This clock is a work of art and mechanical wonder, and is presented in a hand-engraved case of rose gold, which has a diameter of 47.4mm and which is connected to 20 mechanisms, with no less than 1,366 parts. The most incredible mechanism of all is the grande sonnerie, also one of the hardest constructed mechanisms in watchmaking which automatically sounds hours and quarters with a sound of three gongs. In addition to this mechanism, there is a perpetual calendar.

Only seven of these horological masterpieces will be created, and their price will be 2.7 million dollars. Six clocks will be available for purchase, and the seventh will be on display at the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva.

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