637.000 dollars diamond watch

SIHH was marked by the introduction of many new features, among which stands out Audemars Piguet Diamond Fury...

This watch has caused tremors in all ladies who saw it, and of course, immediately wished it on their wrist. With 4,653 brilliant cut diamonds on the case and bracelet, and an additional 206 on the dial, this timepiece will be the subject of dreams practically every woman.

With a sharp design, this beautiful timepiece is very demanding to produce. For it, about 1,500 hours is necessary for production - design, engineering and construction lasted more than 62 days. The newest Audemars Piguet design is much different than traditional women's jewelry watches, which are mostly subtle and delicate.

It has a so called "suicide spring", where one of the pinnacles that adorn it moves up, revealing a sophisticated diamond dial. With a diameter of 40 mm, this timepiece has slim Calibre 2601 quartz, with its hands made of black gold.

It is based on last year's design Diamond Punk, and has a fluid design, which reminds us of a reptile, which was decorated with precious stones. Its design is very complicated, but it certainly contributes to its refinement. The casing of this watch is made of 18-carat white gold, so this model is the ideal companion for any festive event.

Since diamonds are every girl’s best friends, this watch is definitely the closest thing to it. It is presented in two versions. The first version will cost $ 637,800 and represents the diamond pave, while the other costs $ 568,300 and is a combination of diamonds and onyx. Which do you prefer?

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