Amazing: A man discovered that a watch he paid $ 40 for was worth 2,000 times as much

The watch was purchased while the man was stationed in Thailand in the 1970s…

We all talk about the passage of time and things that change and perish, but sometimes, time can have quite the opposite effect. Take for example a Rolex watch purchased in the 1970s for less than $ 350. Five decades later, its value is actually two thousand times that.

Last July, a U.S. Army veteran showed up at an Antiques Roadshow event in North Dakota, with a watch, which turned out to be Rolex Oyster Paul Newman ref.6263. And while the man was well aware that the model might be a little more valuable than he paid for it, he had no idea what awaited him.

He actually never wore the Rolex he bought while stationed in Thailand in the 1970s. When he noticed that numerous pilots were wearing such a timepiece, he bought his own for nearly $ 350, after a ten per cent discount on the price. He planned to wear it while diving, but changed that plan when he decided that the watch was too elegant for the activity but also to be worn daily, which is why he kept it in a box with all the accompanying papers for several decades.

According to some, his watch could easily reach the price of $ 400,000 at auction, and that news left the man without text, breath and soil under his feet. Still, the assesse was not done yet. Given that the veteran kept his watch in a box, along with a warranty, a brochure, two bills, an exhibit pack, and all the other original items, the watch could reach a price tag of between $ 500,000 and $ 700,000.

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